Using FQDN certificates with HP ILO2

Being a Dell shop, it has been an experience for me to work with a couple of brand new HP servers we just got in.  One of our first configuration actions is to install SSL on the remote control (aka ILO or DRAC).

We discovered that our CA was issuing certificates to ILO with the host name run into the domain name.  When ILO tries to install the cert, it finds that it is invalid and reverts to the self-signed cert instead.  After scratching my head for a bit, I find out that this is a known bug with firmware 2.0:

Apparently, HP is new at using FQDNs for certificates (which I find odd).  Fortunately, they relased 2.1 on 9 September, which fixes the missing dot issue.  It can be downloaded at:


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