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SCCM Cluster Site Server error 2147942467: The network name cannot be found

We had recently done an SCCM database site server migration, and this error started popping up:

SMS Site System Status Summarizer still cannot access storage object
"\\server\share$\SMS_server" on site system "\\server". The operating 
system reported error 2147942467: The network name cannot be found.

Upon further investigation,  I realized that I forgot to place NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS files on our clustered disks (see Microsoft KB 871234.  Because I failed to do that, SCCM installed its components on the disk with the largest amount of available space, which in this case, happened to be a shared database disk.  The error crops up once the clustered disk is moved to another node (since its no longer available on the machine in question).  To fix this error, Microsoft directs you to drop and re-add the site server, after placing the NO_SMS file on the appropriate drives.  But, for a database site server, this is not really an option (unless you happen to have another database available somewhere to make a temporary move).  So, I was now left in a situation where I had to fix it in place.

To do this, first make a copy of the SMS directory to it’s new location.  Then, change the path in the following registry locations:


On the primary site server, change the path in the following registry location:

Multisite Component Servers\<Target Server>\Installation Directory

Restart the Site Component Manager Service and the issue should resolve.