Force attempt to provision vPro AMT using SCCM in-band provisioning

If you don’t properly configure your workstation for vPro AMT provisioning before the first SCCM agent call (e.g. you forget to set your certificate thumbprint in MEBx), you’ll end up waiting 24 hours for the machine to reattempt provisioning.  If you’re impatient (like me) you can use this technique to force a reattempt immediately (credit to William York – original source):

Manual Steps to issue WMI command:

  • Open a command prompt and type wbemtestThis is the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester
  • After the Windows Management Instrumentation Tester Utility Opens, click Connect
  • In the Namespace of the Connect Window, type the system name you want to force the check followed by \root\ccmExample: **
  • Click Connect
  • You can also simply run the command on the local system by simply leaving out the host name
  • Example: \root\ccm
  • After you successfully connect to the target system, click the Execute Method Button
  • In the Get Object Path window, type sms_clientin the Object Path fieldClick OK
  • In the Execute Method Window, enter TriggerSchedulein the Method FieldClick the Edit In Parameters Button
  • In the Object editor for _PARAMETERS window, Double Click the sScheduleID in the Properties field
  • In the Property Editor Window, change the Value to Not NULL and add the following {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000120}This value is the Object ID to initiate this OOB auto-provisioning check.
  • Click the Save Property button
  • In the Object editor for _Parameters window, click the Save Object button
  • In the Execute Method window, click the Execute Button
  • After you Execute the method, you should see a message that the Method was executed successfully
  • To confirm that your method was executed, look at the target systems c:\windows\system32\CCM\Logs\oobmgt.logYou should now see a new entry in the log GetProvisioningSetting indicating that the policy has been re-evaluated.


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