Monthly Archives: February 2012

SCCM 2007 Error 2302: SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package

You may encounter this error when trying to update a distribution point.  You may also get errors 2348 (failed to decompress).  This can be due to binary differential replication trying to send a corrupted package.

To fix this issue, disable binary differential replication, update and wait for your DPs to replicate.  This causes the ENTIRE package to redistribute (not just the deltas).  You can then safely turn binary differential replication back on.


Office 2010 GPO settings cause the Options menu to gray out

One of the networks that I manage does not have connectivity to the Internet. It also has Microsoft Office 2010 installed on all of the clients. As such, we had set up GPOs to turn off any functionality that requires Internet access. We discovered that doing this caused the File tab | Options menu to dim as well.  After process of elimination, I found that if the following policy is set, it also causes the Options menu to dim as well:

User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Microsoft Office 2010 | Disable Items in User Interface | Disable commands under File tab | Help

Specifically, if this policy is enabled and Office Center is checked, then the Options menu is dimmed as well.  I posted this just in case someone else out there encounters this “feature.”