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Broadcom HBAs do not work with HP P4000 SANs

BLUF – If you use LeftHand/HP P4000 SANs, DO NOT purchase the iSOE option on Broadcom NICs, it doesn’t work.  At least not yet.

On our last purchase cycle, we decided to try out Broadcom’s iSCSI Offload Engine (iSOE) option on their NetExtreme II 5709C NICs.  Well, it turns out that their version of iSOE doesn’t play nice with the HP P4000 SANs.  The only HBAs supported are ones made by QLogic.  I asked HP for details on if and when HP plans to support them.  It appears that they are working on supporting the feature, but no timeline on release just yet.

We have successfuly used the TCP Offload Engine in our production environment for quite some time now, so that’s still a good option.

Here is the link to HP’s Compatibility Matrix (I guess I should have looked at that first):