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SCOM 2007 Logical Disk Critical Warning

If you get a logical disk showing as “Not Available” in SCOM, that actually is online and (apparently) working, this is most likely a result of the dirty bit being set on the volume.  You can verify this by running fsutil dirty query <drive>: on the machine in question.

According to Steve, this is due to the fact that the LogicalDiskHealthCheck.vbs script looks for this property when it is run.  Too bad it flags this as a critical error, when it really isn’t.

To fix this, run chkdsk /f /r <drive>:. Note that if this error occurs on a boot volume, the checkdisk has to be run at reboot.  Once the check is complete, you can recalculate the health on the monitor and it should reset. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put this in your SCOM knowledge while you’re at it…